Company Profile

About AEROTECH ( 關於群曜國際 )
AEROTECH International Co., Ltd. was established in 2006 and cooperated with Japan in 2007. It is the first manufacturer to produce and develop mobile power supplies. Since 2008, it has become the designated trader of Kingston, Sandisk, APACER... and other FLASH manufacturers to cooperate in the sales of memory cards, USB drives... and other products.
  In 2007, in response to the requirements of Japanese cooperative customers, in order to promote the production quality of portable battery products such as mobile power... Korean batteries are sold all over the world.
  In 2007, he founded AEROTECH and iBRIDGE, two brands of power bank and mobile phone peripheral products, which are currently sold in all major channels in Taiwan.
  In the future, with the technological intelligence of digital products, we will draw a circle with good interaction with the customer's needs as the radius, and will no longer show successful products by price efficiency, but will combine the professional intentions of Qunyao International with the The fusion of cold digital technology produces a new feeling of fashion and happy life.