• Repair Process and Warranty
  • Please go to the Download Area to download the repair form, fill it out and send it back to our company together with the faulty product, and the maintenance personnel will carry out inspection and maintenance for you. The time is about 7~14 working days (from the time the company receives the repaired product).
    All products of the company can enjoy a one-year warranty service if they fail under normal use rather than man-made damage and improper use. Consumers who exceed the 7-day new product appreciation period need to bear the freight and send the product back for commodity inspection and maintenance services. After the inspection and repair are completed, the company will pay the freight to send the product back.



    本公司所有產品在正常使用而非人為損毀及使用不當情況下故障可享有一年保固服務。消費者超過7 天新品鑑賞期後需自行負擔運費將產品寄回進行商品檢測及維修等服務,檢測維修完成後由本公司負擔運費將產品寄回。